Why athletes are primed and ready to tackle the fitness industry

Guest post from Scott Agnew, Director of The Fitness Group

Our newest partners The Fitness Group are really keen to connect with athletes who want to move into personal training and the fitness industry.

They are hosting our first Member Meetup of 2021 in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd June.

Why does partnering with LAPS appeal to you?

We already have a strong relationship across the UK with footballers through our partnership with the Scottish & English PFA. By collaborating with LAPS, we see an opportunity to build similar relations with different organisations across sport. We’re very proud to be working with LAPS and look forward to hosting the first Member Meetup of 2021.

Why do athletes make the best trainers?

We know athletes already have the natural mindset to succeed. They have a wealth of prior fitness knowledge and know how to get past common barriers faced by clients, motivation to train, being efficient with time, the importance of exertion but also of rest.

Athlete’s careers give them valuable experience with all the qualities to be massively successful within the fitness industry.

While there might be some knowledge gaps to fill for athletes and they often need to learn the skills to train clients in a one to one capacity, many already have experience from coaching their sport. We look to upskill athletes as quickly and effectively as we can and get them off to a flying start.

What support does TFG give to athletes moving into fitness?

The Fitness Group pride ourselves on the hands on support we provide. Not only do you leave with a great qualification, we continue to support you throughout your career in fitness. We have contacts across the UK to supply you with the best opportunity possible. We also offer business support to show you how to create recurring income from your fitness career. We are the UK’s leading fitness education provider, qualifying more students than any of our competitors. Feel free to check out our TrustPilot reviews to get an idea of what our students think of studying with us.

What can members expect from the Member Meetup?

You’ll be able to meet us in the flesh! After the year we’ve all had, we’re delighted to have the prospect of being out of the house.

There will be plenty of opportunities to speak with our tutors, meet former athletes that are active in the fitness industry now as well as fellow LAPS members. You can ask any questions you might have regarding potential income and further opportunities related to a career in fitness. We can talk through whichever of our qualifications might interest you, from personal training or sports massage to our mental health awareness course. We look forward to meeting you and hope to point you in the right direction with your career after sport.

The Fitness Group our hosting our first Member Meetup of 2021 in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd June at 2pm. To find out more and book your place, click HERE.

You can connect with Scott & The Fitness Group here:

Website: The Fitness Group

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-fitness-group-uk/

Instagram – @thefitnessgrp 

Twitter – @thefitnessgrp1

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