Recruitment Times

The Institute of Recruiters have written an article about the work that we’ve been doing at LAPS. It features comments from Robbie and Rob about why LAPS was founded and some of the work that we have been doing so far. It also includes an insight into some of the challenges that current and former sports professionals can encounter during their transitions into new careers as well as an array of benefits that they can offer in an environment away from sport.

The article was published in the Recruiting Times, which provides a number of daily news articles about various features of the recruitment industry, such as how recruitment businesses can look to expand and improve their operations, as well as articles aimed at the ways in which potential employees in any industry can ensure success in their applications, and when they look to further their careers through tips relating to CVs and interviews.

The Institute of Recruiters are a British institute that represent the highest standard mark in British recruitment. They act as a voice of people working in the recruitment and retention process, and are the professional body for human resources, agency and in-house recruiters. They offer a range of memberships, as well as numerous training courses which can help those interested in entering, or those who are looking to further their recruitment careers. In addition to the services and training that the Institute of Recruiters provide, they also host a variety of events throughout the year, including a guest lecture with Dragons Den stalwart James Caan later this year.

You can read the article from the Institute of Recruiters about LAPS here.