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LAPS has been created to help sportspeople to find new and exciting careers, and to give as much advice and resource as possible to make that happen. We offer a completely free service to our members, and we always will. However, we know that sometimes people need a bit more hands-on support, individual focus and bespoke intervention. So, because we’re helpful like that, we’ve put together a list of some other fantastic organisations which may be able to help you further.

Athlete Now is a new sports directory that has been designed with the intention of linking Athletes with Practitioners. The Directory is mainly made up of Practitioner and Athlete profiles, and is a secure and safe space for Athletes to reach out to Practitioners who are both qualified and verified in their respective fields.

Our intention is to not only help athletes excel in their passions, but to also help practitioners excel in their business but also access industry experts, job boards and amazing discounts from our partner brands. We have also designed the directory so that clubs, gyms and clinics can also register. This then allows athletes to find and locate these various hubs wherever they are in the UK. Furthermore, when clubs and clinics enlist they have the freedom to advertise jobs, post events and organise workshops.

The platform is free for athletes to sign up and start their journey. We also have two types of memberships available for practitioners: “foundation” and “professional” both are very different, with the professional membership having additional advantages such as; access to job boards, athlete requests and Dr Steve Ingham’s Support Champions Community.

Sporting Chance was created so that current and former sportsmen and women can receive support and counselling for the kinds of damaging or destructive behaviour patterns that exist in the world of competitive sport. Many people that contact us each year are struggling with emotional problems and addictive disorders linked to their transition into life following a professional sporting career.

1.) We operate a rehabilitation clinic which offers 26-day treatments for those struggling with addiction. 2.) We have a network of over 120 counsellors across the country who can spend time with our clients on a one-to-one basis to address any debilitating emotional problem from bereavement to OCD. 3.) We run an education programme across clubs and institutions in professional sport to talk about emotional problems and addiction. Our services are free to PFA members.

Phone Number: 0870 220 0714  Email: Website:

Trained and accredited Performance Lifestyle practitioners at the UKSI provide support to athletes by working to develop the necessary skills needed to cope with the unique demands of being an elite performer. They also help athletes prepare for life after sport and develop links with employers to provide career development opportunities designed to fit around training and competition demands.


Dame Kelly Holmes Trust develops world class athletes beyond sport and then works with them to deliver programmes that transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage. The UK charity provide athletes with the right training and support needed to deliver a lasting legacy to society, businesses, communities and ultimately the overall UK economy. Since the Trust was founded in 2008, they have supported over 400 world class athletes to lead successful lives beyond sport.

We believe in the value of research and insight to properly understand the dynamics around rejection and transition in sport. This unparalleled knowledge – along with our extensive industry experience – means we can shape or inform policy at the very top, help organisations implement policy in the best way possible and work directly with athletes, players, students and support staff to deliver positive life-shaping outcomes.


Barn Door is an award-winning online platform designed to support sports stars both during and post career by connecting them with entrepreneurs, companies and brands to provide new business and active commercial opportunities which have the potential to personally involve them. Created with the aim of helping athletes to utilise their time, image and/or financial resource, Barn Door supports the welfare of professional athletes and helps them to prepare for life beyond sport. The platform covers all sports and contains a large portfolio of businesses that operate in a range of different sectors such as sport, technology, fitness, nutrition, property and fashion.


Playonpro is a global network of sports professionals set up with the aim of maintaining their value after retirement.

Tactic Connect is a bespoke sports agency that offers athlete and business solutions in three key areas.

Tactic Business: We work with clients to build strong and sustainable, connected networks and effective business processes. Our services include business start-up support and strategy, contractual support and representation, sponsorship and media agreements, policy drafting and reviews and event planning and management.

Tactic Social: Whether supporting causes, foundations or launching campaigns in CSR, we develop strategies to achieve the aims of our clients. Our services include foundation/charity conception, development and launch and supporting athletes with their philanthropic interests.

Tactic Skills: We work with sports and professional bodies to offer bespoke education programmes and skills development pathways. Our services include sports relevant education courses, knowledge enhancers, online masterclasses and PG Cert, PG Dip and MA courses.

Performance Plus Sport is a charity that support young sportspeople.  In our partnership with LAPS, we offer a ‘career path support programme’.  Targeted at those sportspeople looking to progress their career, and who need individual support in the form of; mentoring to guiding their path, funding for qualifications or generally creating opportunities to opening doors.  If you have the right performance attitude and are looking to add the plus, please get in touch:

James Feaver, Director, Performance Plus Sport

Our process is designed to help you plan for your career after sport, no matter how far you are along that journey. We work with you across 4 main stages: Find Your Passion – Find Your Key Skills – Writing Winning CVs – Completing Successful Interviews

Richard is a qualified performance coach and spends his time managing individuals with key transitions through different levels of their careers. This includes large scale changes from sport into the commercial sector, and helping individuals to reach board level within their companies at a very early age

Richard’s main passion is helping people to Find Their Why, to create their own personal brand and become more passionate about what they do. Helping to create a real sense of ownership and purpose behind their role. He helps individuals learn how to take calculated risks to benefit their careers & push them to the next level.

Understanding and managing the transition from a professional sports career.

For most professional athletes, playing the game you love will be the shorter of your two careers. Consideration of what happens next can lead to worry and anxiety. These feelings can sometimes affect performance and cause stress in relationships.

We offer a unique service to help you understand and navigate the mental challenges of transition from professional sport into whatever you decide to do next.

We will help you understand how the innate potential which allowed you to become an elite athlete will allow you develop skills and capabilities in whatever field you choose once you finish playing.

Understanding where your wellbeing, resilience and performance really lie will hold you in good stead for the next chapter

Our expert coaches and counsellors will help you to see that you have what it takes to thrive in the next phase of your life despite the challenges that may arise.

This knowing allows you to plan for the future from clarity and insight rather than fear and insecurity.

A free platform that aims to support Academy Players through their journey in the system. Developing them personally, readiness for the professional ranks, as well as preparing them for life after the game too.

If you are feeling unsure about life after a career in sport, you may benefit from some personal coaching.

Maximum Edge offer this service face to face, but find that remote contact works just as well, either over the phone or via video chat – meaning they can arrange a mutually convenient time to support you, wherever you are.  In a safe, confidential environment, they can explore future goals and dreams and help you to start putting plans in place, to get you to the next step in your life after professional sport.

Emma O’Reilly

Emma is best known for her physio, sports massage and osteopathy, having worked with world champions, Olympic champions and Tour de France winners for over 25 years.   Following completion of a Barefoot Life Coaching course, she now offers life transitioning services to retiring athletes.  This is to encourage, help and support the transition from being an athlete to a member of ‘normal society’.  Her professional support helps in rebranding yourself, using the skills you’ve learnt in sport, applying them to everyday life and your new career, helping you pick a career and navigating you through the practicalities of your life change.

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) was formed on 2nd December 1907 and is the world’s longest established professional sportsperson’s union. The aims of the PFA are to protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights and status of all professional players by collective bargaining agreements.


The PCA runs a multi-faceted Personal Development Programme open to all current and former professional cricketers. The twin aims of the programme are: To improve the performance of cricketers through easing and minimising potential distractions during their playing career. To better prepare cricketers for life after cricket.


The Rugby Players’ Association looks after the collective welfare interest of the 650 current male and female RPA members in England, as well as over 380 former players.


SMART Way Forward is a specialist sales, management and training consultancy working within the sport, leisure, health and fitness industry. The team are experts in delivering bespoke leadership programmes, sales training, management training, customer service training, business development and coach development workshops around the UK. So if you’re looking to develop your own skills, those of your management team, internal/external sales team, customer service team or simply looking at ways in which you can consistently deliver great results and exceed customer expectations, then contact SMART Way Forward on 01438 227563 or email and remember to reference LAPS careers provides specialist career coaching for people that want to work in the football industry. As football industry experts we are able to support people to identify the specific career options that suit them and help to find and create opportunities within the industry. We have a range of career services that are available for any situation. If you are interested please visit or email

Personal branding coach Richard Etienne helps sports professionals and TV personalities redefine their career path and public perception by providing a number of bespoke writing services:

– professional CVs that reflects the image you want to portray.
– Cover letters tailored to the job roles on LAPS
– LinkedIn profile editing

Want to change the way you are perceived online? The best way to change your online image is to take control of the information.

As an approved Wikipedia editor, Richard can also create or edit your very own Wikipedia page.

Visit for more information or email for an instant quote.

Red Star Education are experts in providing personal financial education. Adopting an approach of independence and integrity, we do not provide financial advice nor are we selling products. We provide up to date, relevant knowledge that learners can understand and apply to all aspects of their lives. We are the official financial education provider to the Premier League Academies, assisting individuals with topics such as budget planning, understanding mortgages, ideas on how best to structure savings and investments, help with tax efficient plans like ISAs or pensions and guidance on what to consider for life cover, protection of income and inheritance tax.

At FindMyWhy we want every individual to confidently believe in their personal purpose and the unique value they bring. As an elite athlete, you’re used to being motivated by passion and clear goals that give you a reason to get up and go every morning. We hope to help you achieve this same purposefulness in the next step of your career and life.

We achieve this through thought-provoking online services developed by our team of professional psychologists. Using rigorous psychometric assessment, we offer personalised insight into your strengths, preferences and values, as well as bespoke guidance and advice, all with the intention of preparing you for a fulfilling future.

For example, the ‘Psychological Selfie’ is a tool for improving your self-awareness and serves as ground zero for change, whilst ‘Dream Job’ prepares you to be the best candidate possible for your next role or endeavour. Get started today!

Nisha Vyas – Coach| Trainer | Mentor

Nisha is a qualified, committed and passionate transformational coach. She empowers people from all walks of life, personally and professionally, who feel stuck, to break free from mental and emotional limitations, so they can fulfil their highest aspirations with freedom and ease. With over 10 years experience gained in Client Services and Team Management, within some of the biggest projects in world Football, she also works in partnership with businesses who are committed to developing high performance employees and productive, highly motivated teams.

MK Career Solutions

MK Career Solutions are specialists in career consultancy and career transition services. To date we have empowered over 550 clients to find meaningful and impactful careers by providing bespoke services including:

  • CV & cover letter writing
  • Interview training
  • LinkedIn optimisation
  • Career coaching

We have a team of highly qualified career coaches with a background in recruitment and HR who will be more than happy to support you. Please feel free to get in touch for a free career consultation.

Adam Bruce

Hi, my name is Adam. I am a transformational life coach and mentor with over 20 years experience. I also have extensive experience of working in professional sport with elite athletes just like you.

I offer a completely free, confidential 1 hour initial consultation either online or by phone, without any obligation. If you do decide that you would like to  continue to work with me  following the free initial session, then I offer huge discounts for LAPS members.

I understand that it can be a stressful and daunting task , trying to transition out of professional sport, especially if that’s all you’ve ever known up to this point. I can help you to figure out where you go from here and also offer a safe space where you can talk completely confidentially about any emotional and psychological challenges and difficulties that you are currently facing.

To book your free initial appointment you can call me on 07842865453 or alternatively you can email me if you have any questions or require further information :

Dynamic Focus

Values Led Career Transition Coaching

How do you feel at the prospect of your transition from professional sport?  Rebuild your sense of purpose. Focus on you and what you want. Soften the cliff edge. Plan your next steps. Move forward with motivation, confidence and self-belief.  Feel calm and assured that you have a clear path forward to a fulfilling next chapter.

I work in partnership with you. I use powerful thought-provoking questions in a non-judgmental safe space.  I am a horse mad qualified Personal Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner.  Sport has always played a major part of my life. It provides all the skills that are so valuable in the workplace.

The first step is a friendly no-obligation chat about you and your situation.

Contact: T 07989 985452 // E