ZISHI is a centralised knowledge suite that empowers the traders within the OSTC Group, one of the world’s largest international derivatives trading companies.

With 12 offices and 450 traders operating out of six countries worldwide, OSTC are a top five participant, by volume, to the world’s major financial exchanges.

Partnering with world leading educational bodies, artificial intelligence specialists, leading sports psychologists, nutritionists and performance scientists, ZISHI works with OSTC traders in achieving – and sustaining – optimal performance states that gain a new kind of edge.

Bridging the world of athletic performance and the ever-changing financial landscape, we work closely with individuals and associations from all types of athletic and sporting backgrounds. ZISHI supports dual career development and, for those who want it, the confidence and accreditation to make a full transition into the financial or trading landscape.

Building on an athlete’s proven performance credentials, we’re on hand to guide and prepare them to do what they do best – perform to win.

Trader Experience Workshop 

The fluidity and fast pace that comes with a career as a financial trader has parallels to that of a professional athlete, placing a premium on preparation, quick thinking, discipline and resilience.

Our Introduction to Trading workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the professional workings of becoming a trader. This is open to any age group 16+, is totally free and can be run from the clubs facility or one of our professional trading rooms.  Choose from 2 hours at your club, or come and spend the full day with us at one of our trading offices.

Successful trading workshops have already been run with Southampton, Chelsea, Luton, QPR, Millwall, Derby and more.

Contact details: robert.russell@thezishi.com

Website: https://www.ostc.com/capabilities/trading-qualifications/