New Vision Sports Group

New Vision Sports Group believe every athlete has the right to be represented if he or she wants to. Each client is an individual and should be treated as such. Clients should choose the representation which best suits their requirements and needs, and this is where we come into play.

Five out of six young athletes that sign professional contracts are dropped by the time they are 21 and having an agent at an early age is vital to increase their chances of making the grade and finding the best possible alternative as quickly as possible, should the player be moved on.

Very few players stay at the same club for the duration of their career and will inevitably at some point change clubs. In order to facilitate the best possible career move, they should have representation by an agent who is well connected within the sporting world and who has a history of winning contract negotiations at the highest level, in a global industry. Having an agent with the skill to negotiate the best possible conditions on their behalf could be the difference between being an athlete or making the elite.