Network My Club

Network My Club are a business networking membership organisation, bringing networking into the 21st century. Making it something you want to do. Rather than feeling like you have to.

Since 2015, they’ve been doing so in-person at iconic sporting venues. And since 2020, a year of drastic change to networking events, they’ve been doing it innovatively online.

Network My Club break the stigma attached to business networking, that it is cliquey, regimented and awkward. By doing it at inspiring sporting stadiums, their events are something you look forward to, bringing together businesses of all shapes and sizes across the South East and London.

With events at the likes of Twickenham Stadium, The Amex Stadium, The Kia Oval cricket ground and more, you’ll be sure to enjoy not just quality networking, but also world-class catering and stunning backdrops to some of the UK’s most iconic sporting venues.

They welcome you try out an event online or at a stadium near you!

Visit the Network My Club website here to find out more.