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LAPS have joined forces with M&G Wealth Advice Academy (The Academy) to bring you a great opportunity to join their Academy, to become a financial adviser. Many LAPS members have flourished as a financial adviser – do you want to join them?

Why become a financial adviser?

There’s a high demand for financial advice in the UK. But at the moment, there’s only a limited number of financial advisers available to meet this demand. This means many people who may need it most, can struggle to gain access to valuable advice that could really help them and their families.

Financial Advisers build long-term relationships with their clients and providing personalised advice throughout different stages of their lives. The role a financial adviser plays in their clients’ finances can massively contribute to those clients being able to lead happy, prosperous and rewarding lives, enabling their dreams and helping their loved ones.

A career as a financial adviser can be incredibly rewarding for both adviser and clients.

About The Academy

Our focus is to develop the next generation of advisers that will have the skills and support needed to help their clients achieve their financial goals and face the future with confidence.

Our comprehensive training programme will prepare you to embark on a new, exciting and prosperous career.

Who can join The Academy

We’re looking for strong candidates, with the commitment and drive to build their knowledge and develop skills and behaviours required for the role.

  • No Financial Services industry experience necessary
  • Fully supported qualifications
  • Continue to work your current job, while studying
  • Access to leads to help you build a successful business
  • The opportunity to start your own business or join an existing firm

The Academy Programme

The Academy takes you through a structured training and development programme that gives you the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ll need to become a successful adviser.

There’s four stages to becoming a fully qualified financial adviser with M&G Wealth Advice.

Why should I join?

If you don’t already work in the financial services, The Academy could be your foot in the door. Everyone has transferable skills and behaviours, no matter what your experience. Your expertise, current knowledge and skills can be easily transferred into the financial industry.

Find out more

If you think The Academy and a career in financial advice with M&G Wealth Advice is right for you, learn more at Financial Adviser Academy | M&G Wealth (mandg.com)

If you have any questions, please contact us at Academy@mandg.com