British Dietetic Association

Working as a dietitian is enjoyable, diverse and secure. If you are interested in food, people, health and nutrition, it may be the job for you. Head to the dedicated page on the LAPS Careers Zone for more!

What is a dietitian?

A dietitian is a specialist who gives people advice on food, health and nutrition.

Dietitians study the science of food and nutrition and how this affects people’s health. They use what they know to prevent disease, treat medical conditions and improve sport performance. They do this by:

  • working out someone’s food and fluid intake based on their eating habits
  • investigating a patient’s nutritional needs
  • creating a care plan with advice on how to follow it
  • supporting patients who need extra support with their feeding
  • working with GPs, consultants, and doctors on the best diet plans for a patient’s needs
  • researching the effect of nutrition on health and disease

Image illustrating the five ways listed below that dietitians teach people about nutrition

Dietitians also teach people about nutrition. They teach patients, clients, students and people working in healthcare, sports and food industries. There are lots of ways they do this:

  • speaking to people one-to-one or presenting to groups
  • writing for social media, blogs, websites, or newspapers and magazines
  • recording vlogs, podcasts, radio or TV programmes
  • doing research
  • advising on specific diets, healthy school meals, recipes, menus and new products