Membership Features

LAPS has been designed specifically for sports professionals. Watch interviews with people who have made the transition, find out about new careers and qualifications, and apply for jobs, all right here.

Membership is totally and 100% free for elite athletes.

Advice section

We cover everything from helping you decide which career may be suitable for you, how to take advantage of your sporting background to find opportunities, through to how to write a successful cover letter for your job applications.

Build your CV using the LAPS CV Builder. Watch former professional footballer Chris Birchall explain how to create a video CV. Read about what you should be doing as early as possible to plan for life after sport. And much more.

Video Interviews

The most popular area of LAPS is video interviews with sports professionals who have successfully transitioned into new and rewarding careers.

We’ve interviewed people from a really diverse range of careers. From Police Officer to TV Presenter, and Barber to Mortgage Advisors. Whatever careers you’re considering, you can be inspired (or put off) by other athletes who have made the same career choices.


When you’re ready to look for a new career there are lots of places to look, but LAPS is the only place that lists jobs from companies who specifically want to recruit former elite athletes and sports professionals.

Use your LAPS CV, or upload a new one, and apply for roles directly from the Members’ Area.


The LAPS Members’ Area is organised by Roles. You can browse these Roles to help you understand what’s involved in choosing this as a new career. We currently feature around 230 suitable Roles.

For each Role, you can see why it’s specifically suitable for a sports professional, read about the qualifications needed, watch video interviews with other elite athletes who have made the transition to this career, and of course apply for jobs in this area.