Feature in the Telegraph

A feature has been dedicated to the work being done by the Life After Professional Sport in yesterday’s Telegraph. It centres around the initial struggles, and then success of retired professional Badminton player Gail Emms. Emms made her post-retirement emotions public after publishing them on a blog, something which was picked up on by one of our founders, Robbie Simpson. Having been facing a situation where it looked like his own football career may have been approaching its end in 2013 following his departure from Oldham Athletic, Robbie knew exactly what Emms would’ve been going through, and suggests that cases such as Gail’s are exactly the reason that LAPS was founded in the first place.

Jim White, who wrote the article highlights the way that since Robbie and Gail’s recent social media connection, LAPS have received a number of enquiries from employers who are keen to recruit current and former sports professionals and elite athletes due to the specialist attributes and determination they develop during such careers. For more information about how to recruit with LAPS so that your roles can be advertised to a network of highly skilled individuals with sporting backgrounds with more than 1,600 members, just click here.