How we can help businesses

Want to bring the mentality required to succeed in elite sport into your workplace?

Ever watched a footballer take a penalty, and land it in the back of the net whilst 30 000 people are screaming at them to miss? Or looked at the teamwork of the top rugby teams, seamless coherence under pressure? Wondered how sportspeople stay motivated to keep driving their best year on year? Want to bring this resilience, confidence, motivation, teamwork and performance under pressure into your organisation?

This could be a great opportunity to tap into one of the most highly sought-after talent pools in the country, of course – but it’s also a chance for your organisation to give something back to the sports community (and there could be some good PR opportunities in it as well!). You might have wondered how you employ an athlete, once they have retired. Welcome to LAPS!

Sportspeople thrive on expectation, teamwork, targets and feedback. LAPS is the only organisation of its type working in athlete transition and careers after sport, and recognising that elite sportspeople are often searching for very different career paths, we have a number of ways you can get involved.

Here are a few options:

Recruit an Athlete

Don’t just listen to us. Listen to people in business about the benefits of recruiting an elite athlete. Get in touch today.

Attend an Event

Our Ahead of the Game events take place annually in the spring, around the country, and connect athletes with businesses looking to recruit. Interested in being part of this network? See the highlights of the 2023 series here, which were held in London, Bristol and Sheffield.

Offer Work Experience

A lot of athletes might take time out once one Olympic cycle finishes, or have time to spare during the week but not want to commit to a job. Work experience is the perfect way to improve your talent pipeline, but also for the athlete to be more informed once he or she starts to apply for roles. Can you offer work experience to ex athletes?

Sponsor a Sector

In our careers section in the LAPS members-only area, we have information on industry sectors and roles and why they might be suited to an athlete. Want to raise your company profile among people already interested in that sector? Get in touch to find out how to join the businesses who are already LAPS Annual Partners. With this option you can post an unlimited number of jobs too.