Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Event

If you’re interested in a career in finance, then it would definitely be worth attending an event on 24th May that our friends at the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust are holding.

The event, like LAPS, is aimed specifically at current and former sports professionals and elite athletes who are either preparing for, or already in a career away from sport. It will include an introduction into the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust’s ‘More Than Medals’ campaign, which aims to highlight the contribution that sports professionals and athletes can make to society compared to the average member of the public; a presentation from a HSBC representative about the finance industry and the careers available within HSBC; a panel discussion senior staff within HSBC and also former sports people who have entered finance; and a networking session with recruiters who are looking to employ sports people for open roles.

More information on this exciting event which will offer useful insights into the possibilities of working within finance, including location and how to confirm attendance, just click here.

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