Daily Mail Interview with Robbie

LAPS have today been recognised in the national press again, this time by the Daily Mail, who have published an interview with LAPS founder and current Exeter City footballer Robbie Simpson.

Robbie talked to MailOnline writer Mike Keegan about a range of subjects relating to the reasons why he was so keen to launch LAPS alongside the other founders. He begins by opening up about the struggle he faced to find a club upon leaving Oldham Athletic in the summer of 2013. Robbie mentions the pressure he felt when having to face the possibility that his football career may have been over at just twenty-nine years of age, and how his personal experiences combined with those he has met and heard of during his career acted as the motivation to set up such a unique platform as LAPS.

Aside from the reasons for setting up LAPS, Robbie also describes the reasons that elite athletes and sports professionals hold such huge potential to make excellent employees across a range of different industries. He uses various examples, such as one of a former rower who broke a range of records during his first three months of working for a sales firm, and also one of an ice hockey player who combines his sporting career with work as a hairdresser amongst others.

To read Robbie’s interview with the Daily Mail, just click here – enjoy!