How Companies Can Support Us

There’s a lot you can do to make a difference

At LAPS, we believe we have a responsibility to support sports professionals and elite athletes beyond their competing careers, and help guide them towards new and fulfilling opportunities. We know that professional sportspeople can make outstanding contributions in new areas – and we invite businesses to help support our work by getting more involved in what we do. It’s not just a nod to CSR; it’s a chance to genuinely make a big difference.

This could be a great opportunity to tap into one of the most highly sought-after talent pools in the country, of course – but it’s also a chance for your organisation to give something back to the sports community (and there could be some good PR opportunities in it as well!).

There are a number of ways you can get involved, depending on how much you want to give back. Here are a few options:

Recruit an Athlete

If your organisation sees the many benefits of recruiting elite athletes, you can get in touch to speak about how best to approach this for your business.

Host an Event

Open events at your offices are a great way to give our members an insight into your sector and your business.  Get in touch with us to hear about recent events with HSBC, Aldi, Level39, St James’s Place and more.

Offer Work Experience

Give our members the opportunity to spend some time inside your business.  Whether this is a 1-week placement like Ted Baker offer, a 1-day experience day like Divento Trading, or a 1-day-per-week ongoing placement, these are really valuable to our members, and good for your business.

Get in touch with us if your business can offer work expeience to our members.

Become a Mentor

Get in touch with us to sign up as a mentor.  Mentors are simply people working in a particular Sector who can answer questions of offer advice to our members.  You could just be available to answer a question via email.  You could offer a phone conversation, or a chat over coffee.

Sponsor a Sector

Raise your company profile and let our Members know you care.  With this option you can post an unlimited number of jobs too.

Get in touch to find out more.

Got another idea?

We’d love to get as many businesses as possible involved with our work – and if you have an idea which we haven’t covered above, just DROP US A LINE to start the conversation.