Chris Birchall’s Video CV

The winner of our first ever competition, Chris Birchall, received expert advice from the team at Life After Professional Sport on how to create, and perfect a winning video CV to send to employers when applying for a job. Chris is a former professional footballer who has studied a media studies degree at university, and played for some of America’s biggest clubs during his career, alongside David Beckham, and was also awarded £250 of Selfridges vouchers as part of our New Year competition.

Advice offered to Chris regarding his video CV is now available in the form of a short film which we’ve put together and is now live on the LAPS platforms. This is available exclusively to our members, who can sign in to view the full version and begin perfecting a video CV of their own. For those who haven’t already joined, that can be done through our website completely free of charge. In the mean time, why not take a look at some of the exciting ‘sneak previews’ we’ve posted on the LAPS twitter account to get a flavour of the type of features which employers look for when viewing an effective video CV.