About Us

Have you ever heard of serendipity? Those chance encounters or events which bring about a cool outcome? Well then. This will all make sense.

Meet Robbie. Robbie is a professional footballer. Having played with several clubs (Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Coventry, Cambridge United and, currently, Exeter City) Robbie has met a lot of sportspeople in his time, and from talking to them (he’s a sociable chap) he became very aware of two things. Firstly, a sports career can’t last forever. Through age, injury or just bad luck, most sportspeople’s careers won’t last all that long. Secondly, although there are thousands of sportspeople out there with all these wonderful, employable qualities, there are no (honestly, we’ve checked) NO recruitment platforms out there dedicated solely to helping them find meaningful, fulfilling careers after sport.

Meet Rob. Rob is a recruitment consultant (though he’s never been quite happy with that label, as he does a bit more than that.) Rob works closely with client businesses to help them recruit exactly the right people for them. And he noticed that more and more often, clients were asking him about recruiting ex-sports professionals. He also noticed that those sports professionals usually outperformed their colleagues and went on to have really quite impressive careers. This seemed to be a pattern. Now, hold that thought.

You see where we’re going with this. So Rob and Robbie got chatting. Bring in Paul, sales expert and, as it happens, ex-England under 19 cricket captain, and Nathan, our technical guru, and suddenly you have four people very excited about founding a new venture. And so LAPS was born.

Everyone at LAPS believes fully in the impressive qualities sportspeople have to offer in a huge range of careers after sport. We know what employers want, and we know that sportspeople are often uniquely suited to excel in business. Our job now is to connect the dots, and provide as much advice, support and technical wizardry along the way as possible.

So there you have it. That’s our story. And we’re sticking to it.

Meet the Founders

Robbie Simpson
Membership Director

Professional Footballer, avid dog-walker, spicy food fan and fair weather golfer.

Robbie is a professional footballer, currently playing for Exeter City. He’s played in all four divisions below the Premier League and graced stadiums such as Old Trafford, Wembley and Anfield. Away from playing, Robbie is co-founder of a players’ agency and an active alumni of Loughborough University’s Sports Science & Maths degree. He is a big fan of cooking and eating out, the spicier the better. On a sunny day he loves a game of golf or walking the dog, enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews, and is a (self-professed) part-time film critic.

Paul Redfarn
Sales Director

Cricket shop owner and former England U19 Cricket Captain

After being the England U19 cricket captain, Paul decided to pursue a career outside of cricket, and turned to the heady delights of sales. As well as a successful career with BT, he also runs one of the country’s most flourishing cricket shops, and continues to play at a high standard as well. When he’s not actually playing cricket he spends most of his time running Mr Cricket (his cricket shop) and cutting the grass. (It’s a thing.)

Nathan Hastings
Product Director

Technology Entrepreneur, Thai boxer, and fan of both Formula 1 and Lionel Ritchie.

Nathan is an experienced technical expert specialising in software application development. During his career he has worked on projects for high profile brands such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Heineken, Nissan and Novartis. He has also led development teams and project managed software projects for multi-million pound generating websites. He’s a keen Thai boxer, an avid Formula 1 fan and loves a bit of Lionel Ritchie.

Rob Steed

Recruitment Expert, music lover, sports fan and grower (and chef) of vegetables.

Rob is an experienced company Director, having held both Executive and non-Executive roles, and has been recruiting for over 20 years. He has worked with companies including William Jackson Food Group (Abel & Cole), Raspberry Pi, Focusrite and The Gap Partnership, as well as founding and running his own successful recruitment and consultancy business. When he’s not doing that he can usually be found listening to live music, watching or playing sport, fulfilling an ongoing challenge to watch one new sport every year, spending time with his family or, most often, a bewildering combination of all of the above.